Typed Clojurescript Playground

Typed Clojurescript is in early development, but it’s still fun to play around with. It’s designed to be very similar to Typed Clojure. The usual vars like ann and ann-form are identical to the Clojure implementation, except the prefix of clojure.core.typed is replaced by cljs.core.typed.

One of the major goals of the Typed Clojure crowdfunding campaign is to work on Typed Clojurescript. It will save me a lot of time if enthusiastic Clojurescripters can try type checking Clojurescript code and report what works. This way, I’m spending time directly fixing bugs, instead of searching for them.

I have created a Typed Clojurescript playground for this purpose. Just clone it and run lein typed check-cljs to start type checking.

I am building Typed Clojurescript so that it shares much of the implementation of Typed Clojure. We get advanced features like occurrence typing and variable-arity polymorphism straight up, because it’s already implemented for Clojure.

It should be relatively quick to bring Typed Clojurescript up to a useful state. If you are excited about Typed Clojurescript, why not give it a go? It will mature much faster.

06 Oct 2013